Adding VAT to our Monthly and Yearly plans

We’re letting you know that due to the current pandemic our operation grew to a size we only expected to reach in 2021. That growth is bringing great things: the betterment of our website, the increase of upload frequency and also quicker turn arounds with song requests.

Unfortunately growth often comes with a cost. Ever since we started we had the ability to not charge for VAT.
We were meeting the requirements to not charge for it by Belgium law. Now that we’re no longer fitting those requirements we’re forced to charge for VAT that the Belgium government will collect from us starting in August 2020.

VAT for our service is at 21% in Belgium but that rate could vary depending on the country you’re in.

This is not a price increase coming from us, the amount collected won’t be there to increase our profit margin but will be entirely reported and given to the Belgium government that will then redistribute the amount in the countries it was collected from. We’re simply complying with laws and regulations.

Thank you very much for your understanding.