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Those tutorials were made a long time ago, even before we offered a premium service. As the quality of our videos increased, we couldn’t just reupload the content previously made.

So we decided to redo the most popular tutorials specifically for the site. Those tutorials have the mention “[UPDATED]” in our catalogue.

If there’s a tutorial you’d want an update for, simply contact us here.

Unfortunately, we do not provide sheet music with our tutorials.

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to quickly find the song you’d like.

We’re uploading new content to the site on a regular basis. Generally 4 to 6 new tutorials every week!

Unfortunately, due to our recent growth we can no longer handle the workload coming with the free requests service we were offering to active members.

Subscription & Payment

You can change your payment method in your My Account Page. Once you’re in there click on “Payment methods”.

We have a strict no refund policy as we expect our customers to opt out of their subscriptions within the 30 day long free trial set in place if the service don’t fit their needs.

Please understand that we chose this policy to avoid the countless hours it would take us to review and separate on a case by case basis the honest users from those who abuse the system.

You can cancel your subscription at any given time for no extra cost in your My Account page. Once you’re in there click on “My Subscription”.

We understand that our subscription model doesn’t fit everyone.

That’s why we’ve set a 30 day long free trial to give enough time to learn a song or 2 on our platform without the pressure to commit to a subscription.

If you need more time to finish the song, our monthly subscription is as low as 20$. One payment will extend your access to the courses for another 30 days.

Our subscription costs 20$/month or 85$/year after the 30 day trial.

Our prices were recently updated to fit Belgium laws and regulations (previously 17$/month & 70$/year). You can find more info about it here

If the service don’t fit your needs you can cancel during your trial without having to pay anything.

Not convinced yet? You can still enjoy the free content we’re posting regularly (6 to 8 free tutorials every month). That content requires no subscription and no sign up process!


Try to clear your browser’s cache or use another browser. If that doesn’t fix your problem, please contact us here.

Rest assure that there’s no other cost in addition to your subscription.

Once you’re logged in and on a course page you simply need to click on the button stating start taking this course.

In a way you’ll “sign up” for the course meaning that the system will know that you’re following a particular course to keep track of your progression learning the song.

You can reset your password by filling your email or your username here.

You should receive an email with a custom link redirecting you to renew your password (this email can take some time to be received).

Click on the link provided by the email then create and confirm your new password. If you’re not receiving any email check your spam folder.

Try to log in again using your new password here.

Social Media

We have of course our Youtube Channel being our main social media platform.

You can check out our weekly stories update on our Instagram Account. We’re also posting theory courses on IGTV.

We also have created a Spotify Playlist with all the songs we’ve ever uploaded.

(If you don’t find the song on the site it means that it was made before we started offering premium courses so the tutorial will only be available on our Youtube Channel)*


If our FAQ didn’t answer your question you can contact us here.