FKJ – Better Give U Up

Learn how to play Better Give U Up By FKJ on this week's piano tutorial.

  1. Hi man, glad to start learning on your new website 🙂 The other videos form YouTube are gonna be here too ?
    Another question: can you tell me which virtual instrument are you using ? I really love this sound !

    • Hey Anthony, great to see you here 😉 I’m going to upload the most popular videos from my YT channel here like “Tadow” FKJ, “Easy” Mac Ayres, “Get You” Daniel Caesar, etc.
      Due to limitation on vimeo (the service I use for hosting my tutorials) I can’t upload everything at once, But you can tell me which songs you’d like to see available first so I can prioritize them.

      For the virtual instrument it’s still the good old “Deluxe Classic” from the Vintage Electric piano library on Logic pro + some tweaking of my own on reverb and that kind of stuff !

      • Cool ! For me anything that’s soulful is good. Daniel Caesar would be a great pick !

  2. P.s. I have a tip for your YouTube: you should put end screen with subscribe and playlists in all your videos, man 😉

    • haha you noticed ! I always procrastinated on making a proper end screen but I’ll work on it now that you mentioned it
      Thanks 😉

      • Yeah, noticed because there’s a strong imbalance between views and subscribers 😀 If you use TubeBuddy you can automatically get them on all of your videos 😉

        • Awesome ! That will save me a lot of time !!

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