Galimatias – Blowback

Learn how to play Blowback by Galimatias on this week's piano tutorial.

  1. The second part, wont let me load it due to the fact it keep saying i need to sign up for the course which i have…

    • Hey Dominique,

      Sorry for the issue you’re facing, I just updated some settings on the backend for that particular course.
      You should be able to view all parts normally now.

      The problem is a recent error in our system causing registered users to not have access to some of the parts of a course. Our team of developers have been informed and they will work to solve it. The cause of the error is difficult to find as it affects some accounts and some courses but not all of them.

      In the meantime you can contact me via email if this problem is appearing with other courses. I updated the course you’re following and you should be able to view all parts normally.

      Best regards,


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