Hiatus Kaiyote – Building A Ladder

Learn how to play Building A Ladder by Hiatus Kaiyote on this week's piano tutorial.

  1. Hi Elijah, i was wondering if you have the sheet music for this song? MG doesnt offer the sheet music but i thought myabe you do have it.

    • Hey Ynion,

      As per my email, we don’t have this particular sheet available for sale.


  2. Hey, Elijah,
    Love your tutorials. By any chance do you have anything on improving your right-hand speed for improvisation? Any drills? Anything would help. Thanks.

    • Hey Leo,

      The thing that helped me the most was to practice scales at a very slow tempo. It might seem counter intuitive, but it helped cement the movement into my finger’s muscle memory. Once that was covered, I began practicing scales at a very fast tempo trying to be precise and all the while maintaining a loose enough hand to practice with speed without it being painful overtime.

      I practiced over major scales, minor scales, pentatonic etc or any runs I wanted to add to my arsenal.

      Hope it helps 😉


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