Jordan Rakei – May

Learn how to play May by Jordan Rakei on this week's piano tutorial.

  1. Really enjoying these sessions this one is going well.. thanks!
    Wondering what you call the main intro C octave chord as I don’t know music theory 😉
    I’ve mapped this into the real book so I can start reading / understanding charts to read when I perform.
    Thanks Elijah

    • The intro/Main riff with the repeating C-F-C pattern don’t have a proper name since that pattern is played over several chords.
      Those chords are the chords from the main riff, even tho we don’t play them starting the song, that’s what were “playing over” when repeating the C-F-C pattern on the right hand.

      It’s great that you’re wrting down the chords and trying to understand charts, the more you’ll practice that the more easier it will be learning songs 🙌🏿


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