Mac Ayres – Lonely

Learn how to play Lonely by Mac Ayres on this week's piano tutorial.

  1. Hi man, so the first Em has basically a 4th (ok, an 11th), a 7th and a 2 (9th?) the minor is implicit ?

    • Hey Bro, Yes you’re right! Even tho the minor isn’t played the ear is already given the context by the song (implicitly you know and feel that it’s a minor) that’s why the Emaj9 sound so rich and colorful in the chorus because it’s out of place and unexpected.

      In general I tend to take out the minor/major from my extended chord voicings (9,11,13) Thanks to the reason mentioned above. But you can still add it if you prefer it that way!

      • So many cool grooves and tricks to learn ! Thanks so much for this, man !

  2. Hi Elijah. Thank you for all the Mac Ayres songs. He’s one of my favorite artists. Was wondering if you could tell us the notes for that walking up bass line. Sorry…I don’t know the technical term for that. Like a 5 note bass line that plays every once in a while during the main riff. Thanks again for everything you do. During this quarantine, I’ve been able to learn several songs already.

    • Hey Eugene, so glad to hear you’re enjoying the content we’re creating 🙂 🔥

      For the notes you’re asking, those are:
      A – B – B – D – E

      Elijah – Music Greatness

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