Mac Miller – ROS

Learn how to play ROS by Mac Miller on this week's piano tutorial.

  1. In the video you press other keys, but only show us chords, can you please explain all/ exactly what you are playing & label the notes?

    • Hi Katherine! The “extra” notes that Elijah is playing are all within the notes of each chord, he’s just repeating some of them, generally the highest one, in order to fill the empty spaces in the rhythm.

      You can try it yourself! Once you’ve learned the chord progression, count inside your head (1, 2, 3, 4) and give yourself the freedom to fill empty spaces by repeating some of the notes that are already under your fingers.

      Have fun!

  2. Where does the intro end and the first verse start if I am looking at Lyrics for the song? The song is divided into two different parts and I just want to be able to match the lyrics up with your breakdown of it

    • Hey Joshua,

      The verse starts at 1:11 (from spotify) when Mac is saying “through sunshine or rain” more precisely it starts on “rain”.

      Hope it helps 😉

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