Robert Glasper ft. H.E.R – Better Than I Imagined

Learn how to play Better Than I Imagined by Robert Glasper ft. H.E.R in this week's URBN.

  1. Hello Valentine (and all MG team) let me ask you a question that applies to this song. In bar 3, when you make the arpeggio with the left hand, I always have the doubt of keeping or not the fingers hold while I’m doing it. I like more the sound with the fingers hold, but I wanted to know the opinion of professional,musicians like you. Thanks in advance for your answer and thanks again for your superb and didactical tutorials

    • Hi Carlos! If you hold the pedal down, it doesn’t really make a difference if you hold the fingers or not. In general, for this song, if you use lots of pedal to connect the harmonies, it will create a rich, beautiful sound which enhances all those juicy harmonies. Don’t be shy on that pedal 🙂

      • Thanks Manuel. !I will play it that way

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