Elton John – Bennie And The Jets

Learn how to play Bennie And The Jets by Elton John in this week's HOT100!

  1. Hi
    On the part 3, we don’t see the left hand
    Why ?

    • Hi Bernard! When we teach a solo, we only show the right hand in order to simplify things. What you are hearing in the background in part 3 is a backing track we made, which would be impossible to play all together. So if you do want to play it along with the left hand, you can use the left hand part from the verse, which you saw in part 1. The solo follows the exact same chords as the verse so it will fit perfectly.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Hi
    Thank you very much
    A last demand, is it possible to have a recap of all song in a last part ?
    sorry for my English, I’m French

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